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Our Value

Top Quality Products

Quality has always been our first priority at Infinity Green, so we always work hard to delivery top quality products to our customers.

We have a reliable quality control team, responsible for checking raw materials and finished products before they leave our factory.  So, you can be confident that you will receive top quality products with the beautiful designs from us every time!!

Wide Range of Products and Designs

At Infinity Green, we have a wide variety of high-quality products with beautiful designs that can match every occasion or for everyday use.

Our design themes are:  Baby, Wedding & Sweetheart, Green/Nature, Recipes, Christmas, Communion, Sea, Animals and others.

With over 100 designs in each theme, they are all available in each of:  

  • Notebook
  • Guest book
  • Photo album
  • Record book
  • Recipes book
  • Gift bag
  • Gift set
  • Gift box

For further information, please visit 'Our Products' page or email us at

Our Natural Concepts & Green Ideas

We express our green ideas through our green products, such as the 'THINK GREEN' and "LOVE THE EARTH" designs.

Our desire is to help conserve our world by manufacturing our products using environmentally-friendly materials, while still providing great designs. We would like our customers feel as great using our products that can help our environment and our world, as we do designing and manufacturing them!!!

Here is some information about the materials we use in our products:

  • Eco-fiber Paper

    We use Eco-fiber paper for the inside sheets of notebooks and journals in the 'THINK GREEN' and 'LOVE THE EARTH' designs. This is paper made from eco-fiber, which comes from wasted crops, thereby helping reduce tree consumption. It's sustainable, reusable and recyclable!

  • Non-toxic Soy Based Ink

    Our green products in the 'THINK GREEN' and 'LOVE THE EARTH' designs are printed with non-toxic soy based inks that are more environmentally friendly as it made from soybean oil, which is a renewable resource and responds better to de-inking in the paper recycling process.

  • Biodegradable plastic pen

    We use the biodegradable plastic pen in our green products – 'THINK GREEN' and 'LOVE THE EARTH' theme. It's a nature-based plastic made from corn, a renewable resource that is biodegradable and compostable.

  • MDF wood type E1

    MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is made from wood wasted fibers. We use the MDF wood type E1 in our products as it has formaldehyde-emissions rates lower than the critical value and is therefore considered safer.

  • Photo Album with Acid Free Paper

    Our photo albums have the acid free inside paper, which has had the acid removed from the pulp, resulting in a neutral (~7) pH.  Therefore, it will not harm photographs and help keeping your photographs in good condition for a longer period of time.

  • Mulberry Paper

    Mulberry paper is a form of handmade paper made from the mulberry tree. It's special in all the ways in which paper is made.

    We still use mulberry paper in many of our designs, such as Wedding & Sweetheart, Flower of Love and those designs requiring the natural & soft texture of handmade paper. Our products made with handmade mulberry paper are truly beautiful and valuable.

For more details or inquiry, please email us at We're happy to be of service!!


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